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Sep 1

Drop Dead Festival IX

Con la actuación de Phoenix Catscratch, †13th Moon† y 45 artistas más en Maria am Ostbahnhof


Jueves 1 de Septiembre de 2011Martes 6 de Septiembre de 2011


Maria am Ostbahnhof
Stralauer Platz 34-35 / An der Schillingbrücke, Berlin, 10243, Germany


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DROP DEAD FESTIVAL # 9 --- 2011!

Drop Dead Festival is the showcase for the best and most interesting underground bands and DJs. It bringing together the most creative and interesting bands regardless of how obscure. Because many of the best independent, weirder and art related bands get little or no no exposure this is the opportunity to bring them together with leading and mot beloved underground bands during this one big festival.

One of the main purposes of the Drop Dead festival is also to make a DIY music community. Cooperation and scene unity is the main focus promoters are welcomed to cooperate and work together during this one big party. We try to invite and work with DJs and promoters from most European countries as well as from America, Asia and more . Anyone actively working with the underground music scene is welcome to become part of the festival and to showcase what they are doing locally as well as to collaborate with others worldwide.

In addition to a big party, Drop Dead Festival is also a chance to learn something. We take this opportunity to include workshops, art exhibits, network sessions, and movie showings. Not only is this meant to be a celebration of culture, it’s also the biggest gathering of people involved in supporting dark DIY music locally. We want promoters, DJs and anyone else interested to walk away inspired and with new tools to do their projects. If you want to start running shows, start a band, or do your own ‘zine, this festival is a great place to get your start.


Drop Dead Festival started in 2002 in NYC CBGBs club, at the time the only US festival focusing on darker post punk related underground music. Over the past nine years hundreds of bands and DJs from all over the world have been part of this special gathering. Due to overwhelming demand Drop Dead Festival made its debut in Europe in 2007 and has been hosted in a new country ever since. (Check Republic, Portugal, Lithuania and 2011 Germany)

DDF typically features excusive appearances by international headliners which in the past have included legendary New Wave divas Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich, early punks Rubella Ballet and UK Decay, pioneering psychobilly band The Quakes, one of the goth originals Sex Gang Children, New York gypsy punks World/Inferno Friendship Society, original LA art rock group Cinema Strange, and hundreds of others.

In addition to music performances, Drop Dead Festival typically includes dance parties, movie screenings, art exhibitions, DIY workshops and more. DDF is the largest and best known festival of its type. And makes the biggest emphases on community and do it your self ethic.

September 1 - 6 , 2011
ADS (ex Maria am Ostbahnhof)
Stralauer Platz 34, 10243 Berlin, Germany



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This Festival celebrates : Art in every aspect of Life , unusual and provocative Music, queers, normals and in betweens, art and music movements local and specific to individual countries and places, removing artificial division, collaboration and individuality, action and progress, looking back, looking forward and living in the moment

or more simply ....we don care where your from , what color you are and who you like to sleep with. leave your rational attitudes at home because this is drop dead and we are here to get crazy, to party, dance, make new friends break every possible boundary and more importantly discover and get absolutely drunk of new music.


Drop Dead Festival is an independent community gathering. Most of the time the line between the artists promoters and the audiences are blurred. Every one is welcome to share ideas as well as get involved with other aspects of the festival.

Mutant Wave, Queer Electro, Post Punk, Minimal Wave, Punk, Synth Punk, Deathrock, Psychobilly, Witchhouse, Experimental

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