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Jul 21

Fluff Fest 2011

Con la actuación de 50 Lions, All Teeth y 66 artistas más en Rokycany Airfield


Jueves 21 de Julio de 2011Domingo 24 de Julio de 2011


Rokycany Airfield
Osecký vrch, Rokycany, 33701, Czech Republic

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22nd, 23rd & 24th july 2011
Rokycany near Pilsen, Czech Republic

we don't need to write what hc means to us and why we've dedicated our lives to it. i believe we all feel the same way about it.
we all live our daily dream in some godforsaken place a long way away from other people who feel the same, and that's why we decided to organise at least one weekend a year where we have the chance to meet up with the rest of the black sheep of this world, to build up a hardcore town for at least those 3 days.

all vegan kitchen, icecream and fruit ice lollies, free camp, swimingpool (both indoor and openair) next to festival spot,
tons of distrostuff, fanzine reading room and exhibition, festival cinema tent running all day long, open air night cinema, gallery 'am180' art exhibitions,... entrance for 3 days eur 25 or czk 600

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