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Jul 23

23eme Festival Country Rendez Vous 2010

Con la actuación de Big John Mills, Dale Ann Bradley y 15 artistas más en Festival Country Rendez-Vous


Viernes 23 de Julio de 2010Domingo 25 de Julio de 2010


Festival Country Rendez-Vous
6 Place Croix de Carle, Craponne sur Arzon, 43500, France

Tel.: 04 71 03 25 52


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If country and western is your thing, you really won’t be disappointed by the Country Rendez-vous Festival in Craponne-sur-Arzon. The organisers have been very successful in recent years at attracting top talents from Nashville and Austin, as well as from all over the US and Europe.

The festival has grown in size and now attracts 35,000 people, big enough, but not too big - the event still has a wonderful family atmosphere.
But what really makes the rendez-vous special is the setting - a natural amphitheatre at 1000m (nights are cool) surrounded by pine forests with incredible views of the mountains of the Velay and Ardèche. So if it is country, bluegrass or zydeco you’re into, or just the great outdoors, come on down to one of the most scenic hoe-downs this side of the Atlantic. Yeehaa


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