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Ago 6

Wooly Weekend Festival

Con la actuación de The Electric Prunes, Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers y 17 artistas más en Théâtre plaza


Jueves 6 de Agosto de 2009Sábado 8 de Agosto de 2009


Théâtre plaza
Montréal, Canada

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Time trip to the past and future with the twistin' topper most sounds of Authentic Mynd Bending Psychedelia, Untamed Garage-Beat and Wyld Frat Rock!

The Wooly Weekend will take place from August 6 to 8 at Montreal's historic Theatre Plaza and will feature the greatest international garage combos today and the heroes of the past, including the original line-up of The Electric Prunes, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Love band featuring Johnny Echols and Baby Lemonade, The Alarm Clocks and more!

Also including Montreal's hometown return of The Gruesomes, The Flakes (featuring ex-members of legendary cult garagepunk groups, The Mummies and The Phantom Surfers) in their first and last ever East Coast appearance, The Hypstrz, The Morlocks, Fortune & Maltese and many more!

The three-day festival will also host the Canadian premier of the award-winning documentary on '60s garage band legends, The Remains : America’s Lost Band, as well as Saturday afternoon Budget Rock Showcase and day-long record & trade fair!

Not to be missed!


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