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May 6

Wiggle 18th Birthday After Party

Con Adam Collins, Eddie Richards y 4 artistas más en Jamm, Brixton


Domingo 6 de Mayo de 2012 a las 6:00


Jamm, Brixton
261 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6LH, United Kingdom

Tel.: +44.(0)20.7346 8920


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After 18 years of parties with the finest residents in Terry Francis, Nathan Coles and Eddie Richards, plus an incredible array of underground guests from around the world passing through (Stacey Pullen, the guest at the birthday event is a perfect example), there's no let up for Wiggle.

They take on Jamm for an after hours affair that will see those playing on the previous night head just a short ride further south to continue the festivities. They will be joined by even more quality underground DJs that will make this party an absolute must for everyone smashing dance floors through the night.

Wiggle - the catch-all term covering their record label, club night, artist name and attitude - has come to typify a particular style of music; a deep, druggy basement-shaking sound that nicks techno's swagger and steals house's smile.

Wiggle has long held a special place in the hearts of the underground community, as much for it's unique musical style as it's unpretentious atmosphere. Maybe this is the very reason why Wiggle is one of only a few events around the world to have stood the test of time as a regular club event.

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The Line up:
Adam Collins (Boston)
Mark Collings
Steve Chamberlain

+ DJs from the main event
Terry Francis
Nathan Coles
Eddie Richards

and you never know who else....

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