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May 26

ClubStep - [dubstep & electro]

Con Bronstibock, Kids With Guns y 2 artistas más en Het Podium


Sábado 26 de Mayo de 2012 a las 20:30


Het Podium
Schutstraat 43, Hoogeveen, 7907 CA, Netherlands

Tel.: 0528 275355


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Knallende Dubstep avond in Het Podium

Een avond met meerdere dj's en live performances. De grote zaal zal worden omgebouwd tot een heuse club met een vette lichtshow, geluidsinstallatie en spetterende DJ booth.

Kom dansen en feesten op deze eerste Dubstep avond in Het Podium.

Eerste namen:


Producer duo Peter Rutten and Sanne Groeneveld founded Bronstibock to make party music without being limited to a specific genre. The result is pounding bass music ranging between electro and dubstep.

In 2008 Rutten was producing his pistol pop band 3-1 and Groeneveld was recording and producing for Aux Raus. Their inspiration for Bronstibock came from fidget house and electro by acts like Crookers. Now they move toward a new dubstep sound allowing them to rock a party as well as having airplay on the radio with their vocal collaborations. MC Complex works with Bronstibock on vocals and performs as a high energy frontman for their live shows.

In 2011 their collaboration “Breathe” with female singer “Chagall” received a lot of airplay, live gigs on radio and on stages. One of them being mainstage at Solar festival. Bronstibock & Chagall became 3fm Serious Talent in 2011. In 2012 Bronstibock have released the album Saddersap ( Basserk records, Amsterdam ) to follow up to their dancefloor tracks as well as songs for the radio.

Numbers Game and foremost their single The Edge with Jaqcueline Neslo are receiving airplay and live radio performance. Bronstibock has been performing live harvesting great reviews for their shows as well as for the 14 different releases with recordlabels from The Netherlands, USA, France Italy and Germany.

Kids With Guns

Like in the early days in the Wild West, cowboys would make their opponent dance with a shower of bullets. Kids With Guns aren’t lethal, but will put you in the line of fire.

This electropop-duo from Utrecht, The Netherlands, fires a cocktail of raw electro, big beats and catchy vocals on to the dancefloor. Expect a Russian roulette of sounds, somewhere in the line of Soulwax, Crystal Castles and Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Rik Voorberg and Niek Eilander met during high school, and after dropping out college, working day jobs and indulging in teenage-angst anthems, they meet up again in Utrecht, where they decide to share an apartment.

The first room they furniture is the studio, where they start recording their first songs. On account of their firstdemo’s the pair is flown into Athens to make their live debut for over 5000 Greek.

In early 2012, the debut EP ‘Where to begin?’ is released. Accompanied by a remarkable video and four catchy songs, Kids With Guns are in attacking stance to bring their contagious energy to every stage, everywhere.

Stay alert. Before you know it, you’re face to face with… Kids With Guns!

Snaak Works

Local Dj, afkomstig uit Meppel. Naast live optredens ook veel bezig als producer, zijn motto: Snaak Works, KYHARDE DUBSTEP!

zaal open: 20:30 uur
aanvang: 21:00 uur
entree: € 5

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