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May 18

Gallery Pres. Danny Howells & Henry Saiz

Con Danny Howells, Henry Saiz y Neil Quigley en Ministry of Sound


Viernes 18 de Mayo de 2012 a las 22:30


Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP, United Kingdom


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For connoisseurs of fine music, of the deep dark and enchanting variety! Attributes of tunage from Howells’ ‘Dig Deeper’ label, his previous visit being November’s now famous B2B with Hernan. Danny excelling with his frivolous blend of tech, prog and disco laced beats, it’s a hard act for Henry Saiz to follow. But follow he will with great aplomb! Renowned for that cutting edge Balance 019 compilation, Henry’s new album concept is as inventive as the name – ‘Reality Is for Those Who Are Not Strong Enough to Confront Their Dreams.’ Promising a unique vibe crafted through merging analogue and digital, Saiz’s live show is sure to encompass his famous intricate and thought provoking composition. Finally Neil Quigley, an unsung hero who began his illustrious career as resident for Digweed’s Bedrock parties. For this party, attendance is mandatory…


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