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Apr 23

Bass Invaders

Con EOTO y Kraddy en Headliners


Lunes 23 de Abril de 2012 a las 20:00


1386 Lexington Rd, Louisville, 40206, United States

Tel.: (502) 584-8088


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Ready for action super heroes!? Nuthing like packing up the bus and throwing down hard night after night to bring the people our brand of all live and improvised music. This time, we’re firing up the big guns and bringing our Lotus sculpture to your town.

Made by Blake Courtney, who is well known for his creations out at Burning Man, and featuring 3D mapped visuals by our own, Zebbler, and the Hungarian animation team, Glowing Bulbs, this production is a sight to behold. We had a blast breaking it out for the first time in Boston last month and the feedback we’ve received from it is amazing!

As far as performing inside of it, it’s great to be engulfed in a visual wonderland while searching for the next bit of inspiration to flow with, musically.Tell all your people far and wide about it and prepare for lift off. We’ve got all kinds of imagination to tap into, and we’re coming your way!!!

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