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Domingo 17 de Junio de 2012 a las 20:00


Keswick Theatre
291 North Keswick Avenue, Glenside, 19038, United States

Tel.: (215) 572-7650


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Scala & Kolacny Brothers may not be a household name yet, but if you are one of the 250 million people who saw last year’s multiple Academy Award Winning film The Social Network, their hauntingly beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” likely stayed with you long after the lights came on in the theatre.

Scala is a Belgian girls’ choir led by the classically trained Kolacny brothers, Stijn and Steven. Together they have catapulted into an international phenomenon performing imaginatively reworked covers of Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Nirvana and more.

Before Hollywood came calling and before the trailer for The Social Network put their powerful music center stage, Scala & Kolacny Brothers were a hardworking classical choir formed one weekend in 1996 as a creative project for the talented brothers. It would be years before they performed publicly.

Since then Scala has evolved into a dark and mature multimedia production. Combined with Steven’s predilection for prog rock, the group generates an atmosphere with romantic and gothic undertones. With a sole piano and crisp soaring vocals, Scala & Kolacny Brothers evoke another time. They breathe new life into classic and easily recognized songs and even though they sing in the song’s original key with the exact song lyrics, the songs they perform are singularly Scala & Kolcany Brothers.

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