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Nov 9

Con Connan Mockasin en Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Viernes 9 de Noviembre de 2012


Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Melaleuca Dr, Boondall, Brisbane, Queensland, 4034, Australia

Tel.: (07) 32658111


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Admirers of seminal alternative rock and genre-bending music take notice; Chugg Entertainment has announced the landmark return of Radiohead to Australia. It has been nearly a decade since the Oxford bred five-piece last graced Australian shores in 2004. It is safe to say that their welcome return is certain to be the live music milestone of the year.

Murmurs of a return to our corner of the globe have been rife for years now, even more so in this era of social media with nothing remaining secret for long. Radiohead, however, manage to defy this with their celebrated return being one of the biggest and best kept secrets this year; something to be expected from a band shrouded in mystery, everything they do an enigma. In 2011 following their guerrilla Glastonbury set in June where they appeared as a 'surprise guest,' September saw them catch New York City audiences unawares with the announcement, only one week out, of two intimate shows at the Roseland Ballroom.

For a band that is headlining major festivals across the globe, these Australian shows in relatively intimate settings are a clear indicator of a band that does things their own way.

With a long-standing reputation steeped in genre-redefining motions throughout their more than 20 year career, Radiohead have proved themselves to be one of the most influential bands of our generation, forever appealing to the public appetite with their ever evolving cut-and-paste sonic collages. From the band's earlier style of melodic rock songs accompanied by dense riffs and ethereal atmospheres, through to their later experimentation with song structures, incorporating ambient, avant-garde and electronic influences.

Radiohead's return to Australia will showcase the band's multi-decade career in an aural and visual celebration. As a live band they transform their creations into an experience both towering and incandescent. Be sure to be part of the journey. No shows will be added to the tour – do not miss out.

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