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May 9

One Pig by Matthew Herbert

Con Matthew Herbert en Queen Elizabeth Hall


Miércoles 9 de Mayo de 2012 a las 19:30


Queen Elizabeth Hall
Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX, United Kingdom

Tel.: +44.(0)20 7960 4200


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British electronic musician Matthew Herbert presents his most recent project One Pig, the story of a single farm animal from birth to death and beyond. Matthew and his band will retell One Pig's story in a show complete with live audio-visual composition and on-stage cookery.

Herbert was present, microphone in hand, as the animal emerged into the world and continued to document its life in audio as it grew to adulthood. Although he was prevented from recording the pig's death, he recorded its subsequent butchery, cooking, consumption and the use of almost every part of the animal to make diverse products, from candles, a drum, paint and dye to a new musical instrument which plays the animal's blood.

The result is an elegy to an otherwise anonymous farm animal's life. It's a beautiful and compelling account that prompts questions and gives insight into an animal so commonly underestimated, under-appreciated and unacknowledged in our society.

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