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Apr 16

Thomas Dolby Time Capsule Tour

Con Thomas Dolby y Aaron Jonah Lewis & Ben Belcher Duo en Anthology


Lunes 16 de Abril de 2012 a las 17:30


1337 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

Tel.: 6195950300


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Thomas Dolby is known for his hit videos She Blinded Me with Science and Hyperactive from the 1980s. He returns for his first North American concert tour since 2007 and his first studio CD since 1994 called A Map of the Floating City that also has an online game. Thomas Dolby will be touring with a 3-4 piece band and is calling this the Time Capsule Tour. Doors are scheduled to open at 5:30pm and music starts at 7:30pm with the duo of Aaron Jonah Lewis and Ben Belcher. The ticket link included is an official venue ticket outlet for your convenience and likely will add service fees. Contact the venue for other perhaps cheaper ways to buy tickets. This is an All Ages concert. There is a very broad range of ticket types and prices from $10 up to best seats of $39 and many in-between on two different ticket links.

Here is the low priced tickets link:

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