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Backscratch Session Two: London Edition

Con Alex Berger, Bess Rogers y 5 artistas más en The Bedford


Jueves 1 de Diciembre de 2011 a las 20:00


The Bedford
77 Bedford Hill, Balham, London, SW12 9HD, United Kingdom


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Seven Songwriters Perform Each Other’s Songs.

This is a FREE show & will be WEBCAST LIVE at from 8PM GMT/3PM EST

Among the artists performing, Berger, Hawley & Rogers are performing as part of their 'US & The Brit UK Tour'.

For more details, please visit:

Created by New York singer/songwriter, Martin Rivas, The Backscratch Sessions have been taking place bi-monthly on the last Monday night of the month in NYC since 2009. (For more information, please visit

7 singer/songwriter are invited. In addition to performing a pair of their own songs, each participant surprises a fellow participant with re-interpretation of one of their songs.

No one knows who is going to perform a song by whom until the moment they begin to play, and nothing beats seeing a songwriter get to hear his or her song re-born through the voice and hands and ears and soul of another, respected fellow singer/songwriter.

About a month beforehand, the participating artists are randomly assigned to each other and sent a package of songs and lyrics by the artist they have drawn as their "backscratch," from which they choose a song and re-interpret it any way they wish.

Some performers play solo, some bring their bands, sometimes the participants collaborate... there are no rules other than no one knows who has drawn whom as their backscratch.

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