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Oct 3

Let's Whisper + Tender Trap

Con Let's Whisper, Plantman y Tender Trap en The Corner House


Lunes 3 de Octubre de 2011 a las 20:00


The Corner House
231 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8JE, United Kingdom

Tel.: 01223 352047

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Let’s Whisper is the bedroom pop project for Dana and Colin from sentinels of the indiepop underground, The Smittens. Based in Burlington, Vermont the duo play heartfelt songs, somewhat melancholic compared to the Smittens’ sweetness and light, but still retaining an unknockable joy. Formed in 2003 they’ve only just got round to releasing their debut album, “The Shortest Days”, on WeePOP! Records. A disc of warm, simple pop, it’s suitable for people who might like K Records, Swedish indie groups, Architecture In Helsinki, that kind of thing. Prepare to be charmed something rotten.

Tender Trap is the most recent vehicle for venerable indie-pop icons Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey. Amelia was originally lead singer with C86 legends Talulah Gosh, who were joined by Rob just before the band’s break-up. The pair went on to play in the seminal bands Heavenly and Marine Research. Tender Trap were formed in 2001 when they teamed up with John “DJ Downfall” Stanley, another Marine Research-er. They had a bit of a quiet spell before returning in 2009, including a highly fun evening at the Portland Arms. Latest album, “Dansette, Dansette” (Fortuna Pop!) s a hook-packed mixture of 60s girl-group harmonies, guitar fuzz and the stripped down grit of bands like Beat Happening and The Raincoats. Now featuring Emily from our pals Betty And the Werewolves, Tender Trap have got a whole bunch of new tunes ready to try out in front of you, the lucky punter.

TFC/Go-betweens/Flying Nun style straight-up indie rocking from Southend.

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