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Apr 1

Jeans Wilder, The Haxan Cloak, Love Distance, Meddicine, Old Forest

Con Jeans Wilder, Love Distance y 3 artistas más en Nambucca


Viernes 1 de Abril de 2011 a las 19:30


596 Holloway Road, London, N7 6DL, United Kingdom


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San Diego chill bro Jeans Wilder brings his blissed out lo-fi pop to London for the final date of his first European tour. Expect echos of 50s do-wop amidst a reverberant sea of fuzz. Kaleidoscopic loops and ghostly vocals to send you into space.

Check out his killer debut album Nice Trash on bandcamp here:

Supports come from:

The Haxan Cloak is London-based multi-instrumentalist Bobby Krlic's dark, textural noise project. Krlic creeps through a brooding soundscape of hand-made instruments, strings and "unavoidable-yet-escalating tinnitus". His debut album came out on Aurora Borealis and was produced by none other than Kris Lapke of Hospital Productions (Wolf Eyes/Prurient). This will be special.

Meddicine makes brutal brutal rhythmic noise with throbs of post-punk, industrial and chill, all sugared over with murderous loops and vocal distortion. Sounds like hyperventilation in a dark and foggy alley. Releases on Clan Destine Records and 12" split + tour with Portland, Oregon's ASSS in the summer.

Sludgy stripped down grunge from London power trio Old Forest - loud, fuzzy chords with face melting solos and distortion. No records out yet but they'll be rad for sure.

and a late night set after Jeans Wilder from the Jewel of London's underground: Love Distance. Expect samples, synths, guitar solos and smooth music to slow dance to in the twilight hours.

DJs include Off Modern, Deep in the Woods, Clan Destine Records.

tickets £5 on the door

doors at 7:30

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