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Apr 2

LCD Soundsystem: The Long Goodbye

Con LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire y 7 artistas más en Madison Square Garden


Sábado 2 de Abril de 2011 a las 19:00


Madison Square Garden
4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, 10001, United States


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"good people of earth:
lcd soundsystem are playing madison square garden on april 2nd, and it will be our last show ever. we are retiring from the game. gettin’ out. movin’ on. but for just one more night, we will be playing with friends and family for nearly 3 hours–playing stuff we’ve never played before and going out with a bang. and we’d like you to be there.

if you would, we’d love it if people all came in white. or black. or black and white. and come ready to have fun, please. and come early, as the festivities will be opened by our favorites, liquid liquid. yes: liquid liquid.

if it’s a funeral, let’s have the best funeral ever!!!"

Doors 7 p.m. / Show 8 p.m.
$49.50 / $35
All Ages

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