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The Carrier + Downpresser *VERLEGT*: Magnet Club

Con The Carrier, Cornered y Downpresser en Lovelite


Sábado 1 de Enero de 2011 a las 20:00


Simplonstr. 38/40, Berlin, 10245, Germany


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Soulstorm Concerts presents:
Venue: Magnet Club
Doors: 7 pm

The Carrier (Boston/Deathwish Inc.)
The Carrier are one of Boston Hardcore scene's most interesting bands. Their brand of heavy yet melodic hardcore is the next chapter of evolution in the genre. Emoting with a goose-bump inducing fervor unlike any other band out there today.

After two years of anticipation we are proud to announce "Blind To What Is Right", the new album from The Carrier. With this recording we witness The Carrier venturing into new uncharted artistic territory for the band, delving deeper and becoming more introspective than ever before. Through the low end roar of the unrelenting title track "Blind To What Is Right", subtle glimmers of melody tear through an otherwise impenetrable wall of drop tuned sound. And that's just the beginning. The melancholy ebb and flow of "Hollow Pain" show The Carrier letting their guard down only to deliver a near perfect post hardcore anthem. While the infectious stomp of "A Stranger to Myself" slows things down as they collectively plummet into musical dissonance. Without question, "Blind To What Is Right" is The Carrier taking a welcomed step forward as the future kings of the hardcore genre.

Downpresser (Bay Area/Triple B Records)
DOWNPRESSER brings brutal in-your-face hardcore with crushing breakdowns to the floor. Yes, there are about 20 million other bands doing this but there are a few who do it really well and DOWNPRESSER is one of them. If you into heavier stuff like BLACKLISTED, COLD WORLD and GUNS UP!

Cornered (Netherlands/Worship Records)


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