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Oct 17

Con Tinnitia y yo raid en Wurlitzer Ballroom


Domingo 17 de Octubre de 2010 a las 21:30


Wurlitzer Ballroom
Calle de las Tres Cruces, 12, Madrid, 28013, Spain

Tel.: +34-915 222 677


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Norway-Germany, Rune Grammofon.

The norwegian band Ultralyd, formed in 2003 with Norwegian free jazz legend Frode Gjerstad (with collaborations with Dereck Bailey) on saxophone and clarinet, is recognized as one of the most interesting avant garde acts nowadays (with albums in labels like load or runne gramophon and menbers from bands like moha! and noxagt).

Being at first a loud free-jazz/rock band relying entirely on improvisation – as demonstrated on the band’s first, self-titled album (FMR). Their second album, Chromosome Gun (Load Records), shows a more developed sound with the band improvising within loose song structures. After the departure of Frode Gjerstad in 2005, Kjetil T. Møster joined the band. During 2005 and 2006 Ultralyd gradually evolved into an ensemble incorporating elements from contemporary music, free improvisation, jazz – as well as rock and other rhythm-based music. Another development was Ultralyd performing written music, composed by Morten J. Olsen. In 2007 Ultralyd signed to the renowned Norwegian label Rune Grammofon (Arne Nordheim, Supersilent) and released Conditions for a Piece of Music. The following album, Renditions (also on Rune Grammofon), is a continuation of the ideas presented on Conditions for a Piece of Music. This album, much like its predecessor, includes written music by Olsen alongside a concoction of rock, free improvisation and jazz. Olsen’s composition Conditions for a Piece of Music II was also featured on the Rune Grammofon book/2CD release Money Will Ruin Everything 2.
Ultralyd is currently working on material for a fifth album and are experimenting with repetition and more dance-oriented music.

Ultralyd has previously been on one UK tour (shows with Circle and Guapo) and two European tours (2005 and 2008) - the latter including several dates with KTL (Steven O’Malley/PeterRehberg). Ultralyd also performed at the prestigious Moers jazz festival in 2007, and this this next mounth of october they will do their next tour centered in south europe.

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