• Review: Hole at First Avenue in Minneapolis, July 16, 2010

    7 Ago 2010, 3:23 de aztalanturf

    Fri, 16 Jul, 2010 – Hole at First Avenue

    Courtney Love owns the stage. Period. If you've been to or seen videos of performances from the mid-90s, you've seen the power she has over a crowd. You also saw her at her most unpredictable and unstable. Though Courtney Love continues to deal with her inner demons, her July 16 performance at Minneapolis' famous showed that things are looking up for the newly turned 46 year-old and it's pretty clear that she's still got it.

    Doors opened at 10 pm and the night started out with Foxy Shazam, who went on stage at about 10:30. The singer made quite an impression as he jumped around and did all kinds of acrobatics on stage. My friend joked that he was worried the singer would run out of moves, but fortunately, he did not. The band played a fairly short but enjoyable set filled with mic throwing and keyboard surfing - and I mean Teen Wolf on top of the van style keyboard surfing. I'd see them again for the performance factor…