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Mar 21


Con Why? y I Might Be Wrong en Komedia


Domingo 21 de Marzo de 2010 a las 19:30


44 - 47 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN, United Kingdom

Tel.: 0845 293 8480


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WHY? is a trio of handsome Cincinnati-born men who fiddle with skins, strings, bells and microphones and present their findings to the listening public. Singer Yoni is an Anticon savante-garde Hip-hop legend and ex member of seminal outfit cLOUDDEAD.

For four years, two EPs and 2003's cult classic LP, Oaklandazulasylum, WHY? comprised Yoni Wolf alone. He honed his trademark delivery - a sickly sweet, half-rapped, singsong style - shined up his wry, picturesque poetry, and developed a clip-and-collage aesthetic using keyboards, toys, guitars, samplers and anything worth banging on. By chops and imagination, WHY? grew into a thing of flesh, bones and fully fledged songs, resulting in 2005's Elephant Eyelash album. Critics swooned; ladies lauded; WHY? neither resisted nor rested.

The brand new album Eskimo Snow is something of a companion piece to last year's celebrated Alopecia LP. Recording live as a five-piece, WHY? created two distinct albums from those sessions: Alopecia, with its taut rhythms and biting wit, and Eskimo Snow, a shadowy and sprawling set that finds Yoni resigned to and ever-awed by those infinite erring bits of existence that make WHY? what it is.

I Might Be Wron - Don't Miss the video: I Might Be Wrong | Salomon - this song is taken from the band's recent album "Circle The Yes" (sinnbus)


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