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Dic 14

liondialer and wink

Con Liondialer y Wink en PS34


Lunes 14 de Diciembre de 2009 a las 20:00


Pilotenstraat 34, Amsterdam, 1059 CJ, Netherlands

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liondialer and wink

Ambient / experimental / extraspectacular house show at PS34! (You know, that place that brought you the dozens of white balloons last year.)

Everybody is welcome, invite/bring your friends and family :)

Monday, 14th of December
Time: 20:00h (doors open: 19:00h)
Entrance: € 5 and drinks for € 1 (Non-profit show, all proceeds go to transport/benzine costs & the artists)
Address: Pilotenstraat 34, Amsterdam
Seated concert, bring your own pillow!


Liondialer (Greg Haines & Danny Saul)

Wink (Jan & Romke Kleefstra & Chris Bakker)


Public transport

From Amsterdam Lelylaan and Zuid train stations, it's 2 metro stops to Henk Sneevlietweg. From there, it's a nice 10 minute walk. You can also take tram 16 and 24 if you come from the city center, to Ijsbaanpad (one stop after Olympic Stadium). From there it's 10-15 minutes walking to get here.
(walking directions on Google Maps)

- Car: Parking is free after 19h. From 9-19h it's 10 cent per hour for the first three hours, then more but you can just pop out and refill.
- Bike: 15-20 minutes from Leidseplein, 10 minutes from Amsterdam Zuid/Lelylaan trainstations



Liondialer is the project of English experimental musicians Greg Haines and Danny Saul. Spread between Berlin (Haines) and Manchester (Saul), the duo perform entirely improvised pieces often using acoustic guitar, cello and laptops as the basis for their sound. They have been compared to Talk Talk, Stars Of The Lid and Loren Connors, amongst other things.

Their debut album 'Liondialer LIVE!' was released on White Box earlier this year, and is a continuous sequence of music culled from hours of recordings captured in and around Manchester's least welcoming environments for experimental music. Following the release, Liondialer embarked on a three week tour of Europe, resulting in collaborations with Jasper TX, Jan Kleefstra, El Magnitophono, Daniel Lercher and Brian Mitchell among others.

Following the success of his debut album 'Slumber Tides' (Miasmah), Haines is currently completing work on a second solo album to be released next year on Sonic Pieces. Saul's debut solo album 'Harsh, Final.' is released on the 26^th October on White Box. The album was recently made record of the month by Gonzo Circus magazine.



They lift poetry to another level.
- Rudy Hodel, conservator Frisian Museum 6 juni 2008, theater Romein

Jan Kleefstra is fascinated by landscape. The empty middle of it. And the elements and their interaction with landscapes and how he as a small, vulnerable human being is aware of these things and how it impresses him and makes him humble.
He writes 'fragments' about inlands between lakes and near the sea, about swamps, skies, sun and rain, trees and birds, and the melancholic sense perceptions of it. And because words about land and water are vulnerable, especially when the relationship with it is fragile, he doesn't want the words to hit the ground and be trampled down by people after leaving his voice. That's why he recitates on soundscapes. Romke Kleefstra, his brother is the musician. The sounds of the music are strong enough to bear the words and take them to safer places. The sounds have to create a spacial, silent atmosphere.
They played together sofar with others like Machinefabriek, Soccer Committee, Greg Haines, Danny Saul, Bela Emerson, Tex la Homa and Anne Chris Bakker. Jan & Romke also co-operate with other forms of art like (seascape) painting and cinematographics.

In the spring of 2008 the cd 'Piiptsjilling' was published by Onomatopee. A collaboration of a one track soundscape and Frisian poems by Jan & Romke with Machinefabriek and Soccer Committee. There has been a few great reviews on the cd and with Machinefabriek and Soccer Committee they took Piiptsjilling live on stage. Late 2008 a new live collaboration was found in Kleefstra / Bakker / Kleefstra, with Chris Bakker. This resulted in 'Wink', again a one track soundscape cd with Frisian Poetry. Wink was published by Apollolaan Recordings in England. Meanwhile some instant composing with Gareth Davis has been recorded to be published in 2010 on the English label Home Normal.

Anne Chris Bakker
His idea for music rose from a strong need on one hand to make long, dreamlike music and on the other hand create heavy sounderuptions with distortion and feedback. Inbetween these 'extremes' his soundrags arise which after a while have grown into a more abstract form. What started as postrocklike music has become a sound that is hard to catch. With his music he will drag himself through his own musical imagination. Chris wants to discover. Chris wants to dissappear in sound.

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