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Jun 12

Birthday Party presents: Lissy Trullie w/ The Black Knights & The Jacs

Con Lissy Trullie, The Black Knights y The Jacs en Ruby Lounge


Viernes 12 de Junio de 2009 a las 19:30


Ruby Lounge
28-34 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QB, United Kingdom

Tel.: +44-(0)161-8341392


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With her affinity for bowler hats, punky couture, and imprecise indie pop, Lissy Trullie established herself as a New York fashion icon and emerging musician in 2007. Her well-clad figure graced the pages of such fashion magazines as Elle, SOMA, and Jalouse, while her lo-fi musical demos attracted the attention of several record labels. Her 2009 EP “Self-Taught Learner” is independently released.

The Black Knights are a raw, Salfordian trash/blues duo. The band’s love/hate relationship creates a volatile sound, with darkly poetic lyrics set to raw, stripped back guitar and drums.


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