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  • goldlionsfire

    I think you should also respect that not everyone who enjoys a certain style of music wants to end up getting hurt. You'd probably say "well don't stand in this section" & to that I say, I did not spend $30 to stand off in a distance to squint at the band. You're nostalgic for a dangerous aspect of shows that most venues have been smart enough to put a halt to over the years.

    Juli 2013
  • abenites1985

    I disagree with Guilty Verdict wholeheartedly. I love the norva and always have. They attract great acts and try to ensure everyone has a good SAFE time. Also, circle pits don't always "contain themselves." I was at the Norva for a show this weekend when some douches decided to start a circle pit immediately in front of me. I couldn't back up because it was packed in, and blam within about 10 seconds, some douche mosher ripped two of my toenails right off my foot and broke one of my toes. Kudos to security and medical for seeing to the irresponsible fucks that made me miss half of my favorite band's set as well as dressing my bleeding wounds and making sure I was ok. Top notch. If only people could respect the fucking rules...

    Juni 2013
  • GuiltyVerdict

    Fuck the Norva. If you want to be a tame, little opera house then do it. If you want to be a multi-genre music venue then respect the styles of dance that are practically synonymous with the genre of bands that you are booking. If you don't want people to dance or mosh or whatever a certain way then DON'T BOOK BANDS THAT PROMOTE SUCH BEHAVIOUR. Morons. Myself, amongst many others, got thrown out for pushing at a hardcore show. We weren't two stepping, we weren't being violent, we were just pushing and trying to get some movement going on in the crowd because everyone was just standing and staring. Circle pits contain themselves. They aren't going to get too wide because the people involved will get worn out and start "running" in smaller circles. And if people complain about getting hit or pushed or whatever then, 9.9 times out of 10, they put themselves in that position by standing next to the people that behaving agressively. Go to the balcony or the back if you are so fragile.

    Mai 2010
  • thebrucewayne

    continued: I'm pretty pissed-off about the NorVa stealing 80 dollars in ticket prices from me, denying us the product I paid for, and turning a great night into a horrible one. You can safely bet we will never return there and will certainly tell this story to as many as possible. Phillip D Herder 757-498-1858

    Januar 2009
  • thebrucewayne

    Previously posted above before we had shoutboxes: I am a handi-capped 52 year old who spent 80 bucks to treat a friend and his kids to a show they really wanted to see. I was amazed & disgusted at the thug-like security at the NorVa as I watched their unruly, untrained, unprofessional. thug-like security staff intimidate defenseless kids and young adults. I counted 10 ejections within a 45 minute period for no obvious reason other than pure meanness. The security was like a roving pack of wild dogs marking easy prey. They used their position again and again to throw their weight around unfairly. When they pulled my friend's son from behind us to eject him, I put my foot down and was ejected myself. They accused me of being a fire hazard and that I was blocking a door. and that my friend's son was throwing objects over the rail of the balcony. Both statements were untrue.

    Januar 2009
  • Metal4ever88

    I agree with you there. They're really good at maintaining circle pits whenever people form one. I've seen quite a few people get kicked out of The Norva for fighting.

    Dezember 2008
  • Metal4ever88

    Damn, whoever edited the description there & put their story in, I feel really sorry for you. That sucks. I have never seen anything wrong with security there all the times I've been to that venue. They were doing their job when I went each time.

    September 2008