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  • Jahre aktiv

    2008 – heute (11 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    Tokyo, Japan

  • Mitglieder

    • Kuro

TAMTAM is active in artistic research on the topic ‘urban living space’
for more than 10 years. Their main interest is the audible. This is examined in two ways.

First through a longstanding practice in city studies with field recordings, referring to a large, dynamic space.
Resulting in the production of radio pieces (e.g. everything NO; Kunstradio Ö1 2010) and performances
(e.g. ARS Electronica Festival 2016; Urban Dialog Shanghai; ESSA Conference Berlin 2013).

Second, soundinstallations with a focus on the audible relationship between designed architectural space
and an acoustic event in interior (e.g.raumfarben 06, Mikromusik Berlin 2014) or exterior space
(e.g. Raumfarbe Breathe Austria; Austrian Pavillion Expo 2015, 3 Farben; Kunstfestspiele Hannover 2016).

TAMTAM refer to their work with the sentence:
“The sound environment is becoming the instrument, the instrument is becoming the sound environment.”
Their instrument is, for all intensive purposes, not only a sounding object that we are well familiar with.
It is also the space itself where sound lives-the acoustic and psychoacoustic fields that enable us to extend
our accepted senses to hear the habitual and the everyday as something extraordinary.

John Cage always discussed the space between the notes-the place that is neither sound nor silence but
in suspension and waiting. In their search for a new sonic language-a language where sound no longer
evolves on the horizontal, left to right plane of musical history but from foreground to background,
outside to inside, sounding always on the threshold of disappearance-tamtam are also creating a new
language of listening. one where the space between is filled with the listener’s own experience.
(Text by Chris Salter)

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