• Kubb + Leya + Flowe – The Charlotte, Wednesday 23rd November 2005

    16. Sep. 2006, 10:27 von jenfold

    Kubb are currently on tour to promote their new album Mother, although possibly on the strength of tonights performance they might not sell that many records. The band itself is built around lead singer/songwriter Harry Colliers voice. A voice which is undeniably rather spectacular and when the band is managing to play at its best they sound like a naïve version of U2, and at least single Wicked Soul the only song most people here have heard manages to come off without a hitch.

    Unfortunately tonight the band failure to master the venues sound system mars their performance. While the fatal mistake of choosing better sounding support also failed to help.

    Leya a quartet from Belfast mastered the supposedly difficult sound system with no problems and played a polished set. Sound wise they resembled Muse or perhaps Keane if the latter added guitars to their sound and were easily the band of the night.

    flowe meanwhile managed to set the hypothetical question…