• This weeks favourites (week 29)

    22. Jul. 2007, 13:12 von Wesszz

    Introduction of this week

    Again the same as last week, there was not much going on in music land, i didn't find much new music, only at the end of the week the new single of Girls Aloud which is called Sexy! No, No, No.... It's the first song of their highly awaited new upcoming album and i really like this song! And further there was some great news about Britney Spears, apparantley she's going to perform at the MTV VMA's nexth month which will be her long awaited comeback, i can't wait for that, huge fan here of miss Spears and apart from this news, she shot her new video for her comeback single, i'm so happy, this made my week so good!

    ~ This weeks: Music single top 30

    1. 06 03 Nicole Scherzinger ft T.I. – What you like
    2. 01 05 Milk Inc. – Sunrise
    3. 02 07 Monrose - Hot Summer
    4. 03 13 Kat DeLuna - Whine Up
    5. 24 02 Darren Hayes - On the verge of something wonderful
    6. 04 06 Dima Bilan - Number one fan
    7. 25 03 Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage