• New Arnaud Rebotini EP released - Album coming soon

    18. Jan. 2009, 19:19 von mqwmk

    He calls it "vintage sounds for modern music", but really it's his rock'n'roll album. Arnaud Rebotini's Music Components is the result of turning his back on today's too-clean digital electronics. Bunkered down, alone in a studio of beautiful vintage synths and beatboxes, he adopted one of many sets of strict rules.
    It was simple: all music had to be generated live. Rebotini's killer touring set is all live - no laptops, no pre-prepared sequencing. But even the album, where less daring is standard, laptops were put in their rightful place - they were used only as expensive tape recorders.
    It's the kind of monomanicial musical dedication you get from the man who founded Black Strobe, the Parisian dancefloor duo whose stated ambition was to "make electronic music that scares people". Founded in 2001 with Ivan Smagghe, and signed to Output Recordings, that duo later went on to be helmed soley by Rebotini for its most recent album, "Burn your own church" - chief singer / songwriter Arnaud Rebotini…