• NAUK releases FREE DOWNLOAD VA compilation

    20. Mai. 2013, 21:36 von zastranienie

    NAUK releases a very special FREE DOWNLOAD compilation - "Namjerne griješke - pop proizvodi elektroničkih post-yu ambivalenata", featuring out beloved friends and colleagues:

    Valter Horvat, MONOFONIK, Silvio, Women Speaking French Etc., DEKOLAŽ, F.O.F., Nice At Home, Le Chocolat Noir, Ghetto Booties, Klaus, DOTEPENEC, etui etui soniczoil [Kućni Teatar ŠKRIPZIKL] remixing [BABILONCI], DOKTOR TINITUS, No Name No Fame + ANSHIE, The Rat Singers, Florence Foster Fan Club, Popsimonova, Crawander, ManMachine, Hatbrott, Zarkoff, Jedva upotrebljiva zebra and Umrijeti za strojem.

  • KRLJA FESTIVAL reviewed

    14. Sep. 2007, 17:58 von daredevillive

    KRLJA FEST in Sisak 09./10. Februar

    "Something is coming"

    As soon as I got over the 2-day KRLJA festival there was that degrading question, when I experienced an industrial concert for the last time, that would not escape my head. Have I ever before at all? Oh well, Grey Wolves, Genocide Organ, Propergol and some other occasions, at which knobs have been turned, agitation videos have been shown, paroles have been articulated und ski masks have been worn. But this after all is no industrial. Industrial means shifting paradigms, means breaking up the axis of time by steam hammers, means beginning and radical change. Industrial is thus also a handful of young people, that once were and are still punks in their minds, that organise their first gigs out of nothing, without directing at a certain audience. Something like that is not to be found nowadays in Western Europe. And this sentence wasn't included here out of criticism or defamation; it should rather read: it is not possible by sheer facts. …
  • press

    18. Jun. 2006, 22:23 von djsergej

    A1 Half that i've been missing is Zarkof's earlyer work caracterizing his
    style as an alternative approach to mixing pop songs with solid techno
    structures. Fluid synth lines, topped with vocals and underlined by a
    rockerish kick drum are set and ready to get your dancefloor juices flowing.

    Half that i've been missing (suffering mix) is a shiny electro gem where
    Zarkov shows his ability as a producer and pays tribute to what he lives
    for. The original vocal reruns though a vocoder while the beat suits up in
    electro to fit the atmosphere more convieniently.

    B2 Are you amoused is techno-house-4-to-the-floor blended sureplayer that
    anyone who loves good music and want's to keep that dancefloor groove will
    know how to appriciate.
  • new stuff out - one and only zarkoff

    15. Apr. 2006, 12:06 von djsergej

    zarkoff is come out with a EP which will 4 sure shake the asses around the globe soon...ask your vinyl retailer does he stock zarkoff - and if not tell him that if he not suceed to find it soon, he could be out of the business :-)
    joke by side, this new EP was additionaly produced at Neumatik studio builded and run by our friend from Zagreb Petar Dundov and final result is amaizing...
    half ive been missing is presented in two versions,one is floor killer, and other one is more towards undergound electro lovers, with havy weight baseline and kick which break all apart. are u amused is club orientated tune, which could be played in minimal, techno and house sets... with such a variaety of music styles Home Made Electronica wants to stay with beliefs that music is most important, then comes production skills, and styles are what we left to people to percive it by them self... its one big Home Made style in a way...
    more info 2 come...