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Love Is the Message feat. Mansur Brown & Rocco Palladino (Live @ Abbey Road)


Yussef Dayes – jazz percussionist and one half of celebrated jazz-funk duo Yussef Kamaal – has made his live solo debut with a session at legendary recording studio Abbey Road.
Collaborating with jazz producer and musician Alfa Mist, alongside Mansur Brown on guitar and Rocco Palladino on bass, the live jam session sees the percussionist ripping through a fiery rendition of his track ‘Love Is The Message’ in a single take. Check out the video, directed by Joseph Dunn and Jake Whitehouse.
“To be able to record this live session in the legendary Abbey Road studios was a beautiful moment”, Yussef tells FACT, “Growing up in the big smoke, I’m used to recording in basements and bedroom studios, so to get the opportunity to elevate our sounds in this space was something I couldn’t turn down!”

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