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Yu Su's selection for Truants, which we picked as one of our top mixes of 2018, showed the Vancouver-based, Chinese-born artist's knack for crafting intimate home-listening mixes. That mix, released in January of last year, began a breakthrough year for Yu Su, with her first steady run of gigs throughout Europe, Asia and the US. In 2017 she had a low-key hit with Infi Love, released on the Washington DC label Peoples Potential Unlimited. Whether she's making music, DJing in the club or crafting online mixes, everything Yu Su does feels mellow and unhurried. It's probably down to her home city's dance music scene, which is at least partly defined by its laid-back vibe, and her own attachment to Daoism and nature.

Yu Su said the mood of her RA podcast, which includes tracks from Golden Teacher, Topo, Yak and Bell Towers, was "quite free," noting its regular tempo changes mean "you can either jog, or drive up a mountain, or chop onions really slowly" while listening.

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