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Yannick Labbé, Producer, DJ and former half of the now defunct Trickski steps into the limelight as a solo artist. Trickski's unpredictable, extra-terrestrial style mixed Rare Groove with Techno and House producing a raw electronic framework which gave birth to the all-conquering Pill Collins towards the end of the pair's journey together.

Yannick started his musical „career“ in various hard – grind – whatevercore bands of the southern Black Forest, area in his early teen days. After discovering the sexyness of the wax in the radio station where he has his own show, the socialization towards jazz and funk music comes via Rainer Trüby´s „Rootdown“ – partys and the „fatass“ world of Keb Darge in 97.

Soon, Yannick L. is to discover the many facettes of this fascinating music known as „detroit“ and the soulful sounds of Dollis Hill. He takes over residencies in various clubs in Switzerland, Germany and France, and finally moves to Berlin in 2000, where he discovers the mighty power of cubase and its plugins. Searching for fellow vinyl junkies, he is teaming up with the melting point ( recordstore ) – crew, and meets daniel paul ( member of the „slope“ project on Sonarkollektiv, by the way ), the owner of cabinet records.

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