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Launched in July 2017, Xitan is a Lyricist, Vocalist, Pianist, Composer, Producer, and Audio Engineer from Malta, Europe. The sole member and executive producer behind the project, has been active in the Music scene for the past 25 years, exploring a variety of genres before settling on the sound you hear today. Xitan is a one-man band and thus everything the listener hears in the music, has been created by him.

His debut record Album ‘Missa Tenebris’, self-released in December 2018, is the result of a well-balanced fusion of Electronic, Goth and Symphonic Metal, tied together under an Occult Theme. Xitan itself calls this gerne of his Music 'Sintronic Metal'.

Missa Tenebris is a collection of Infernal Hymns composed, written and produced by Xitan.

The point of the Album is to deliver, fast-paced and beat driven tracks, that starts off with an atmospheric intro, transporting the listener to an infernal and apocalyptical Universe. With this Album, Xitan wants to deliver an opus that fuses multiple musical genres, from the Cinematic to the fast-paced Electronic, and then spiced off with a hint of Blackened Industrial Metal for taste. The mixture of genres gives the album an organic feel so that the listener does not feel like the music is purely generated by a computer, thus striking a balance between the Machine, the Musical Instrument, and the pure organic vocal work unraped by any computer corrective pitch editors such as autotune.

The message of the Album, which only the intellectual listener can comprehend by reading in between the lines of the lyrical poetry, is the abolishment of theistic religion, since Xitan believes the world would be a much better place if humanity acted on ethical behaviour, always seeking knowledge instead of motives based on fiction and the false belief system created by religion.

"One should listen to the album as a form of entertainment, taking in the words with a pinch of salt and with the same mentality as one watches a fantasy or horror movie."

As a solo Artist and also with other bands he has participated in several gigs, both local and overseas, including the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.
In 2018 Xitan supported the legendary Synthpop-EBM band ‘Covenant’ on ‘The Blinding Dark’ Tour and worked with awesome bands to release remixes by 'Ruined Conflict' and 'Dawn of Ashes'.

Xitan continues work in the studio, planning to release more Singles, and Touring in Europe and the U.S.

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