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Since 1997 Manuel G. Richter is working on experimental composing and sonic art under the moniker XABEC, released some vinyl and cd albums on the german Hands label and a lot of compilation tracks. He played many live gigs all over europe.

Xabec's Style:
The meticulously woven sounds from this one-man project fall somewhere in between ambient and sound art, between industrial and modern laptop-music. They blanket listeners with the intensity and tension found in film scores, and send them off to unheard soundscapes in unknown realms.

Used instruments generally are: self built acoustic instruments, stones, analog modular system, sampling and computer, field recordings and various electronic devices

Besides his own projects Manuel did re-mixes and compositions for Contagious Orgasm, Anne Clark, Floating Stone, Flint Glass, Funker Vogt, Dope Stars Inc, Implant and others.

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