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Wolf People are a British psychedelic rock band, formed by singer and guitarist Jack Sharp in Bedford, Bedfordshire, in 2005.


As a child, Wolf People frontman Jack Sharp lived in Clophill, Bedfordshire. At 14 years old, Sharp approached future Wolf People drummer Tom Watt, who lived nearby, and asked if he would like to join his band, having heard drumming coming from Watt's house. Watt agreed despite the fact that he couldn't actually play drums - the noise Sharp had heard had actually been made by Watt's drummer sister. The pair initially worked on hip hop songs before Sharp listened to British folk band Pentangle's debut album, which he had bought years earlier for sampling, and something "just clicked". Sharp began listening to artists such as Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins and The Young Tradition as a result and eventually recorded demos of songs influenced by folk music and Captain Beefheart after moving back to Bedfordshire following a period of living in London.

Choosing the name Wolf People after the Margaret Greaves children's book Little Jacko and the Wolf People, Sharp made some of his demos available on the internet in 2005 and over the next two years released several singles and EPs on Battered Ornament records. Sharp joined up with Watt and guitarist Joe Hollick, and the trio began performing his songs live. Following the addition of bassist Dan Davies, who the group met in London, Wolf People became a band rather than simply a name for Sharp's solo project, and started writing material together. The group eventually became the first British band to sign to American record label Jagjaguwar.

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