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Since forming the Hip-Hop group known as Wicked Syndicate (which consists of some of the most talented emcees and beat makers from across the country) we are proud to present to you our debut album “Foreign Veterans ". Ten months later after tremendous dedication we give you the album that will be sure to turn heads this year and keep them spinning. Foreign Veterans was named this because we are foreign to most, in other words you probably havent heard of us as of yet, we are also veterans in the underground hip-hop community. We wanted to put out something people could feel and try and take you away from the everyday nonsense for the most part that is played on the radio while giving you something you can relate to and still bring that pleasing sound to the ear. We hope you enjoy it and keep coming back. We are an independent group so any of your support is truly welcomed and appreciated. Also stay tuned for our follow up Album entitled " Magnalus " set to drop this spring….we are determined we are artist we are " Wicked Syndicate " and we will not be deverted ….Thank you for being there to help us continue our movement! Special thanks to those who pursue to comprehend creative thinking outside the box! THANK YOU W.S.

From their Myspace… www.myspace.com/wickedsyndicate

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