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1. Finnish / English Prog Band
Moving Backwards (2019)
Up the Chain (2019)
Where the Pieces Lie (2019)
Vultures (2018)
The Divide EP (2018)
The Path EP (2017)

2. WHEEL, a German Doom Metal Band, was formed in 2006 in Dortmund, Germany by Benjamin Homberger (Git.), Marcus Grabowski (b.) & Arkadius Kurek (Voc.)
Established a name in the local scene with their former Bands Avanitas (Power Metal) and McDeath (Thrash Metal) the trio decided to take a different approach with this new formation.
The goal was to create heavy, emotional & oldschool music so traditional Doom Metal was the consequence.

In 2009 WHEEL recorded a two track demo which immediately led to a multi album deal with Eyes Like Snow Records. After going through various Lineup changes, mainly Drummers and second Guitar Players were changed, the self titled Debut was released in 2010 with Cazy on Drums as a permanent member. Benjamin took over rhythm & lead duties on guitar - the lineup since then has never been changed anymore.
The debut earned many good critics from fans and press all over the world and with the tasteful Mucha Artwork it manifests Wheel's status as one of Germanys most promising Newcomer acts in this rapidly growing genre.

In 2012, the Band recorded the successor entitled "Icarus". The influences on this record range even deeper from classic, obvious Doom Stuff like Sabbath and Vitus to slightly progressive, mellow psychedelic Parts. The suffering, yet highly melodic vocals from Arkadius and the top notch production (again sound wise refined by German “Krautrock Legend” Eroc) separates the Band pleasantly from the constantly growing crowd of more or less similar sounding "retro doom" bands, walking their own unique path of Doom Metal.

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