• My Favorite Year - 1979 Billboard Chart Top 40s

    18. Jun. 2010, 20:33 von Shasolace

  • Kids Say The Darndest Things

    27. Apr. 2007, 4:51 von jfranzone

    "Oh, and guess what your son said at school today?"

    That can't be good. This has been an odd week at the Franzone house. Our children attend a private Christian academy here in Pensacola, FL and my wife on very rare occasion will substitute teach. I say very rare because we have a baby at home and I work. So if my wife is working... you got it; I'm watching the baby. Well, for some very unusual circumstances my wife has been teaching for almost a week now. http://www.franzone.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_neutral.gif

    I digress. So I take my eleven month old daughter outside for a bit today to walk around and try to keep her awake a little longer before her afternoon nap. Well it starts raining a little so we jump into the truck. Why didn't we just go into the house you ask? Well... I don't know! Stop asking. Anyway, I look over and there was my cell phone which I had misplaced and not even known it. And oh what timing, because it was just ringing at that very moment. …