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  • Geburtstag

    28. Mai 1949

  • Geboren in

    Webster, Monroe County, New York, Vereinigte Staaten

  • Gestorben

    6. April 1998 (mit 48 Jahren)

Wendy Orlean Williams (May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998), better known as Wendy O. Williams, was the lead singer for the punk band the Plasmatics, whose stage theatrics included blowing up equipment, near nudity and chain-sawing guitars.

Dubbed "The Queen of Shock Rock," Williams was widely considered the most controversial and radical female singer of her day. She often sported a Mohawk haircut. Williams was nominated in 1985 for a Grammy in the Best Female Rock Vocal category during the height of her popularity as a solo artist.


Williams died at age 48 in 1998 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a wooded area near her home. While some argued she committed suicide rather than compromise her art, Swenson reportedly described her as "despondent" at the time of her death. This is what she is said to have written in a suicide note regarding her decision:

I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights that anyone in a free society should have. For me much of the world makes no sense, but my feelings about what I am doing ring loud and clear to an inner ear and a place where there is no self, only calm.

On Motörhead's 1999 live album Everything Louder Than Everyone Else, before the song "No Class", Motörhead vocalist and Williams' longtime friend Lemmy said that he wanted to dedicate this song officially to Wendy.


With the Plasmatics

* Butcher Baby/Fast Food Service (Live)/Concrete Shoes (Live) (7" single, 1978)
* Meet The Plasmatics (12" EP, 1979)
* Dream Lover/Corruption/Want You Baby (7" single, 1979)
* Butcher Baby/Tight Black Pants (Live) (7" single, 1980)
* Butcher Baby EP (12" EP, 1980)
* Monkey Suit/Squirm (Live) (7" single, 1980)
* New Hope For The Wretched (LP, 1980)
* Beyond the Valley of 1984 (LP, 1981)
* Metal Priestess (12" EP, 1981)
* Coup d'Etat (LP, 1982)
* Maggots: The Record (LP, 1987)
* Coup De Grace (LP, 2000)
* Put Your Love in Me: Love Songs for the Apocalypse (LP, 2002)
* Final Days: Anthems for the Apocalypse (LP, 2002)


* Stand By Your Man" w/ Lemmy from Motörhead (7" single, 1982)
* W.O.W. (LP, 1984)
* It's My Life/Priestess (7" single, 1984)
* Fuck 'N' Roll (Live) (Cassette EP, 1985)
* "No Class" - from Motörhead's "The Birthday Party"
* Kommander Of Kaos (LP, 1986)
* Deffest And Baddest (with Ultrafly And The Hometown Girls) (LP, 1987)
* Fuck You!!! And Loving It: A Retrospective (LP, 1988)

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