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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    28. Februar 2020

  • Dauer

    1 Titel

So, imagine a man who was betrayed / framed / blackmailed, miraculously got out of prison, fled to the forest. Frosty weather, night, and without warming things, tired, in blood, in a torn and once white office shirt, he runs away from the place of torture. He has only 2 thoughts in his head: how did it happen that his closest partners betrayed him and how did he get out of here alive. He is warmed only by a small hope for a favorable outcome, since he managed to escape, which means there are chances.

The forces end, he falls, leaning on a tree trunk near a snow-covered field, mired in thoughts of betrayal, not noticing that a pack of wild wolves has already sensed blood and has long been watching him from the side. At some point, he sees them and understands that he has few chances, and the only attempt left, after which he is doomed. He tries to get up, but he does not succeed. So comes the realization that this is the end, here life is over. Wolves attack.
It was inspired by the phrase by Andrei Konyaev from Kuji Podcast about why Black Metal is close to the Russian paradigm of thinking. For the first time they wanted to make a track with emphasis on the dramaturgy of hopelessness, and the plot was invented by itself.

The cover art of the track is little bit different from our specific story, without strong details, so as not to narrow the scope of the listener's imagination, since everyone can have their own thoughts on the topic of “false hopes”.

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