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I am Volkor X. - I do not come in peace.

This is no longer the time for sobbings, moans, screams of terror. It's too late.
Volkor X the Swallower of Worlds, the Intergalactic Triumphant Victor, Conqueror of the Peoples of the Universe, is marching. You know its next target - its shadow already hovers over you.

Starships are in pursuit, lasers blast, planets implode. By way of a soundtrack, a synth wave adorned with retrofuturistic MIDI flights, an interstellar dark wave spotlighting analog layers, an astral retro wave, disturbing and relentless.

But who's hiding behind this gallium mask? Who's the mere mortal, the alter ego breathing life into the greatest synthetic Titan ever known? An important actor of the extreme music scene in France. An inveterate composer. An artist who wants to stay anonymous for fear that his creature would break free from him, as it is his inner manifestation, his avatar… The heart and soul of Volkor X.

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