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What do a baby music box, a Casio tone bank and an 18" bass box have in com-mon? The ones who read the first page of this handout will know.
Whoever starts describing a band like this must be talking about the German Sludge/Noise/Elecdrone outfit VOID OBELISK. On June 10th, the four musicians without borders will unveil their debut „A Journey Through The Twelve Hours Of The Night“, which will be released via Karlsruhe-based label Meta Matter Records and distributed world-wide by Broken Silence. VOID OBELISK stands for a bunch of four musicians coming out of com-pletely different genres and musical socializations. Together they provide their listeners with a maelstrom of many different styles, sounds, and moods on a basis of heavy Doom Metal, raucous Noise Rock, viscous Sludge Metal, and dark Drone Metal. Their mixture of nasty guitar riffs, passionate vocals, deep basses, reduced rhythms, analogue noises, floating Ambient passages, electronic beats, steely Industrial metal, and fuzz-loaded Psychedelic Rock creates a unique sound consisting of torturous slowness, crushing harshness, and disturbing ambience.
„A Journey Through The Twelve Hours Of The Night“ was recorded at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany, which is known for its excellent analogue and organic sound. The title of the album is inspired by the Egyptian „Book of the Dead“, which deals with the journey of the dead through the twelve realms of the underworld, which are associ-ated with the twelve hours of the night. VOID OBELISK put the journey of the dead into four chapters beginning with the descension into the darkest abysses of the Egyptian mythology and ending with the bright and triumphant return of the reborn.
VOID OBELISK appreciate any reviews and are available for mailers and phoners.

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