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  • Jahre aktiv

    2005 – heute (12 Jahre)

VersaEmerge are a five-piece experimental pop-rock band originating from Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA, currently signed to the label Fueled By Ramen.

VersaEmerge (formerly My Fair Verona) formed whilst Blake Harnage and Anthony Martone were in high school, choosing the name "VersaEmerge" as a portmanteau of the term "versa" from the phrase "vice-versa", and of the term "emerge", meaning to rise from an obscure or inferior position or condition. The band set out to work with their sound, eventually producing the Cities Built On Sand EP in 2005, featuring Spencer Pearson on vocals, Anthony James (now of Bridges of War) on keyboards Josh Center on Lead Guitar and Nick O. (Osbourne) on bass. With the departure of Spencer, their female vocalist, Sierra Kusterbeck auditioned for new vocalist and eventually joined the band in 2007, followed by the first EP to feature her as a vocalist, in which she sang the original songs from Cities Build on Sand, and adjusted them so she could sing them to her own vocal range.

In 2008, the band set to work on, and released their next EP, Perceptions in May 2008, afterwards touring with bands such as Post-Hardcore band Our Last Night and Pop-Punk band There For Tomorrow. On July 22, 2008, the band released a video for a track off Perceptions, "The Authors", released onto their YouTube channel. VersaEmerge later signed to Fueled By Ramen and began writing their self-titled EP, recording it with producer James Paul Wisner (has previously done work for Underoath, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy Is…, and My American Heart). This EP is set to be released February 3, 2008, available from the Fueled By Ramen webstore, iTunes, and on their upcoming tours "The Secret Valentine Tour" and the "Craig Owens Tour". The band are also scheduled to perform at Give It A Name 2009

Demos, EPs and Splits

* Cities Built On Sand (Self-Released, 2007)
* Perceptions (Self-Released, 2008)
* VersaEmerge (Fueled By Ramen, 2009)


* Sierra Kusterbeck - Lead Vocals
* Blake Harnage - Guitar/Vocals/Programming
* Devin Ingelido - Bass

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