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VENTIL was formed in 2014 by Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger. Having previously worked together in the drone ensemble DIRAC, releasing acclaimed records for labels such as the Japanese Spekk, Kutin & Kindlinger founded VENTIL to expand their musical aesthetic. Collaborating with instrumentalists (in this case, drums and synths), they create an intense form of music that places itself somewhere between industrial, techno and ambient. Ventil is the German expression for ‘valve’ – a device that releases pressure when opened; ‘pressure’ being the resistance against a limitation of space. Feeling limited within the artistic environment of the Vienna experimental music scene, VENTIL was born in an isolated studio in the countryside, where the four musicians escaped to live and do primarily one thing: concentrate and create. As a result, the recordings are unique sounds that stands out from what is usually produced within the alpine nation of Austria.

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