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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    23. Mai 2007

  • Dauer

    12 Titel

The Label Amselcom beings of light and love.Amselcom not bound to anything that keeps us from floating free in this universe. Statelessness was formerly used to describe a situation often inflicted with discrimination and against the will of the individual. The Label are above this. Amselcom are here to make decisions for a better future. The dream of the Labelowners is a society where all people have the same rights, where individuals are free to discover themselves as part of a unity that gives us much more power than we could ever imagine.

It’s a departure from ancient rules and oppression that history has shown to be wrong. The revolution is not happening on the streets anymore, it’s an internal process of meditation, of becoming aware of the things that liberate us and provide us with the chance to survive. Let these governments fail, let the crisis begin and let’s unite for humanity 2.0 - a state where everybody is welcome and love reigns.

Being stateless has got a new meaning for Amselcom. It's become the synonym for freedom of choice. It embodies the idea that we should take responsibility for the way of life we dreamed of so many times. In this light, we celebrate independence with these pieces of art, music and love.

The cover artwork by Fikri Amanda Abubakar inspired us a lot during the creation of this album. His work touches the intersection of fantasy and reality, just like the utopia pictured in Stateless.

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