• New Music (again)

    4. Mär. 2007, 17:19 von Nihilus11

    I've been on a bit of a CD binge, It probably didn't help that the OU put £250 in my bank, nor that I've started selling stuff on ebay (my old crap) and it's so much easy buying on ebay than getting the money out of my paypal.
    Thanks go to God is Myth Records, for their insanely cheap CDs ($9 = £4.50) as well as Alitopp01 and Jaldaboath on ebay (damnation too, for eating into my gig and alcohol money).
    the CD's i got cover a wide range i think:
    Caina- Some People Fall: Brilliant Electro influence post/ambient Black Metal. British too, nice to see some good stuff out of this country. Totally unique I'd say, but probably closest to the Blut aus Nord school of BM.

    348? Black Metal Is Plague - Great Chinese BM split dedicated to the Sars epidemic. Features - Ululate, Heartless and Martyrdom. also limited (for now) to 348 hand numbered copies, i have 200 and something.

    Judas Iscariot - The Cold Earth Slept Below... - akhenaten's first full length as judas iscariot. awesome stuff, first stirrings of greatness. …