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* "Intro (Optional)"
o Quannum MCs - "Blue Flames"
o Massive Attack - "Teardrop"
o Air - "All I Need"
o Invisibl Skratch Piklz - "Invisibl Skratch Piklz vs. Da Klamz Uv Deth"
o Timbaland and Magoo - "Clock Strikes (Remix)"
o The Chemical Brothers - "Elektrobank"
o Jurassic 5 - "Jayou"
o The Verve - "History"
o Radiohead - "Just"
o Cornelius - "Mic Check"
o Oasis - "Wonderwall"
o Portishead - "Numb"
o Peshay - "The Nocturnal (Back on the Firm)"
o DJ Krush - "Kemuri"
o Björk - "Human Behaviour"
o Innerzone Orchestra - "Bug In The Bassbin"
o Nirvana - "Come as You Are"
o 808 State - "Pacific State"
o Orbital - "Chime"
o Young Disciples - "Apparently Nothin"
o Gang Starr - "Just to Get a Rep"
o Ice Cube - "Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here (Remix)"
o House of Pain - "Jump Around"
o Massive Attack - "Unfinished Sympathy"
o Soul II Soul - "Keep on Moving"
o Main Source - "Looking at the Front Door"
o De La Soul - "The Magic Number"
o The Stone Roses - "I Wanna Be Adored"
o Ultramagnetic MCs - "Give the Drummer Some"
o M|A|R|R|S - "Pump Up The Volume"
o Public Enemy - "Public Enemy No. 1"
o Depeche Mode - "Stripped"
o Major Force West - "Kiss FM Radio Promo"
o Beastie Boys - "The New Style"
o Metallica - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
o Eric B & Rakim - "Eric B Is President"
o Frankie Goes to Hollywood - "The Last Voice"
o UTFO - "Roxanne Roxanne"
o Art of Noise - "Beat Box"
o Run-DMC - "30 Days"
o New Order - "Blue Monday"
o Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force - "Planet Rock"
o Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team - "Hobo Scratch"
o Rammelzee and K-Rob - "Beat Bop"
o Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "The Message"
o Kraftwerk - "It's More Fun to Compute"
o Zapp & Roger - "More Bounce to the Ounce"
o Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "Superrappin"
o John Oswald - "Brown"
o Sound taken directly from the opening scene of Contact
o Juice - "Catch a Groove"
o Herbie Hancock - "Chameleon"
o James Brown - "The Payback"
o Sun Ra - "Space Is the Place"
o Terry Callier - "Dancing Girl"
o Silver Apples - "Lovefingers"
o Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache"
o The Doors - "The End"
o The Meters- "Cissy Strut"
o The Beatles - "Tomorrow Never Knows"
o David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday"
o Velvet Underground - "Venus In Furs"
o Jimi Hendrix - "Happy Birthday"
o Nina Simone - "Feeling Good"

* "Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Part 1)"
o Alan Hawkshaw - "Countdown"
o The trailer for the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (vocal sample: "Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right now")
o Tullio De Piscopo - "Medium Rock"
o Frank Zappa - "Apostrophe"
o Sound effects from the video game Galaxians

* "Unkle (Main Title Theme)"
o Joy Unlimited - "Contacts"
o Promo for the TV series The Twilight Zone (vocal sample: "It is the middle ground between light and shadow")
o The trailer for the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (vocal sample: "An adventure unlike anything on your planet")
o The film Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (vocal sample: "There were too many of us…")
o The film Blade Runner (vocal sample: "Fiery the angels fell.. burning with the fires of Orc")
o LL Cool J - "Jingling Baby (Remixed and Still Jingling)"
o Fab Five Freddy featuring Beeside - "Change the Beat"
o Eric B. & Rakim - "Microphone Fiend"
o The Luv Bandits - "Mizzer-Bahd"

* "Bloodstain"
o Head West - "Attention"
o BeBe K'Roche - "Alone"
o The Grodeck Whipperjenny - "Evidence for the Existence of the Unconscious"
o The Star Wars Holiday Special (vocal sample: "You are alone")

* "Unreal"
o The Star Wars Holiday Special (vocal sample: "Maybe I can help you")
o The Other Brothers - "No Class"
o The Jules Blattner Group - "Birth"
o The final episode of the TV series Twin Peaks
o Leroy Vinnegar – "Reservation"
o The Eclectic Mouse - "Pre-Dawn Retrospective Chant"

* "Lonely Soul"
o Play School - "Fred's New Band"
o "Do Lung Bridge" from the soundtrack to the film Apocalypse Now

* "Getting Ahead in the Lucrative Field of Artist Management"
o A commercial the 1976 game Ball Buster

* "Nursery Rhyme/Breather"
o L.A. Dream Team - "Calling on the Dream Team"

* "Celestial Annihilation"
o Wil Malone - "Concerto for Strings and Beats"
o Newcleus - "Let's Jam"
o Baron Davis and the Fresh Krew - "Now Dance"
o Grace Jones - "Operattack"
o The film The Rock (vocal sample: "Fire")

* "The Knock (Drums of Death Part 2)"
o Nirvana - "Modus Operandi (Method of Work)"
o Frank Zappa - "Apostrophe"
o Roy Wood - "Get on Down Home"
o Manfred Mann - "Snakeskin Garter"
o Troy the Wonder Boy and Electric One Thousand featuring Boo-Boo B - "Boo-Boo's Break"
o Billy Squier - "The Big Beat"
o The TV series Graffiti Rock (vocal sample: "Whew, that was hot, now dig this")

* "Rabbit in Your Headlights"
o Supersister - "Pudding en Gisteren - Music for Ballet"
o Talk Talk - "New Grass"
o Osanna - "Variazone III"
o David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday"
o The film Jacob's Ladder (vocal sample: "If you're frightened of dying…")
o A humming noise from the film Contact

* "Outro (Mandatory)"
o Alan Hawkshaw – "Countdown"
o Whitley Strieber, the host of the weekend edition of Art Bell's "Coast to Coast" nightly radio talk show. (vocal sample: "I feel that this has given me…")

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