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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    29. Juli 2016

  • Dauer

    2 Titel

Reckno is extremely proud to present the only known recording by the duo of Ananas Pyramidalis and Street Thunder. Recorded live one afternoon in early 2010, Turtledoves use the conventional instrumentation of guitar and keyboards to channel infinite slabs of sound that convey distant longing and massive sadness. The music appears forever out of reach yet also incomprehensibly huge and triumphant.

'Spirit Glow / Youth Eternal' takes place half asleep, surfing through space, parallel to a comet, becoming something other, you have an overwhelming sense of calm before exploding in blue light : your earthly body a distant memory.

'Dream Interruption' takes place half awake, on a crystal raft, at the summit of a frozen tidal wave, where the great lakes fell from the tear ducts of celestial beings, you become one with a waveless sea which glows purple under a super moon : your earthly body a distant memory.

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