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It’s a safe bet to describe the collective minds of Truth & Its Burden as brim-full of heart, hope, optimism and a fresh positive take on daily crisis. We’re constantly thinking of new ways to cement a positive attitude in the hearts of any person attending our shows or listening to our songs. We’re not just hopefuls waiting for the world around us to evolve into our childhood dreams; we’re inspired, free thinking individuals who have enough self-belief to power up these dreams with hard work and heartfelt dedication.

9 Years ago we started out as an idea to bring a sincere message of hope, and to do so with a real sense of urgency. Those same ideals that gave life to this band still chorus through in every song 9 years on. To be aware, to challenge, to follow through, to ignite ideas into dreams, to re-invigorate life itself and to find meaning and purpose. Finding a positive outlook to every disappointment life has on offer through perspective and self-discovery. There is a common bond between positive change and aggressive music, we have refined ourselves and discovered the balance between such diversities. We’re here to deliver a new perspective to anyone willing enough to allow voice to meet reason. Throughout the lifespan of our band, we have worked really hard with defined goals close at heart. So far we have reached great heights and shared many great moments with kids at shows both nationally and internationally.

We had a clear vision for touring with Truth & Its Burden, playing to as many people who wanted to share something special with us, and we have done a great deal of sharing in our 9 years. From the onset we believed in our music and our message, booking our own shows since day one, inviting foreign bands and booking nationwide tours; not to mention touring home soil here in South Africa at least twice yearly. In the closing months of 2009 we self-released our debut album “Sending The Hope Home” on our own record label; Hope Haven Records.

“Sending The Hope Home” received great reviews both nationally and internationally; which had earned us a spot supporting 2 great names in Hardcore; Have Heart & Shipwreck AD from USA when they toured South Africa later that same year.

Hard work certainly pays off and some of our pay offs included support slots for other touring international artists; Haste The Day (USA), Through This Defiance (USA), CDC (USA) & Becoming The Archetype (USA). In March 2010 we broke new ground overseas in Europe when we flew our flag high touring alongside Oceans With Tragedy (NL); reaching out to kids in Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Belgium & Denmark. We needed to prove to ourselves and the kids attending our shows that dreams can be met through continuous sacrifice and unrivalled commitment.

On our return to South Africa, we brought about lineup changes which indefinitely changed the sound and dynamic of Truth And Its Burden. We immediately began writing new material for inclusion on what would be “Choices”, our second studio album. At the close of 2010 we invited The Ghost Inside (USA) to tour South Africa during 2011; a tour that would later help build on a relationship with both The Ghost Inside as well as with Mediaskare Records. Shortly after completing that tour we began piecing together “Choices”. The process of “Choices” was truly been a memorable one, finally bringing our sound together.

A sound we now feel truly proud of. We’ve always wanted a sincere representation of our band, and we feel “Choices” achieved this with an honest glance into our lives at that very point in our musical careers. “Choices” is filled with positive message delivered aggressively, brim-full of melodies that resonate throughout each heartfelt song.

2012 was a great year for us, starting off with the release of “Choices” through world renowned Rite Of Passage Records / Mediaskare Records. The release of “Choices” was then followed by 2 European tours, 1 UK tour, 2 South African tours and 3 US tours where we cemented our brand of hardcore on foreign soil, building friendships with bands and fans still present today.

2013 & 2014 were filled with great local tours; having supported USA’s Betrayal and Canada’s Comeback Kid on their nationwide tours; amongst other smaller local tours. During the last two years we have been consistently working on new material for our 3rd studio album; writing and pre-producing what will be our finest work released to date. We are currently in Watts Productions studio where we are recording “I Labour”.

- Stay Positive

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