• Train - For Me, It's You Review

    23. Apr. 2006, 14:28 von Najmi

    Train’s fourth studio album For Me It's You, is the band follow up to 2003’s My Private Nation. Fortunately for Train they are able to avoid the pitfalls that marred their 2003 release, but they are not able to pull it together into a complete package. The album has a more relaxed and stripped down feel from their previous work, but that “feel” contributes to what, at times, seems more like generic mainstream music than the more unique sound Train as made for it self over the last eight years.
    One of Train’s strong points, lyrically, has been the ability to weave specific everyday aspects of life in more ephemeral overarching themes. Case is point is the band’s most popular song “Drops of Jupiter” wherein mentions of Tae Bo and fired chicken seemed to fit seamlessly. However, on 2003’s My Private Nation, Train used a plethora of common day events to little effect. As the band sang about being cool like a “soda can on ice” and wishing they had “dance moves like Patrick Swayze” the…