• Lorraine Live In London - Lovely!

    17. Nov. 2006, 21:03 von BobMcCow

    Lorraine Bowen, possibly the kitschiest queen of lovely Casio music ever to grace the lovely world, played last night at The Theatre Museum in London and myself, along with a few select friends had the great privilege to attend her concert.

    It was a lovely tiny venue, properly intimate in the way that Kentish Town Forum can't quite manage, despite what the NME seem to think. We got their fairly early and were able to secure some seats in the 'round table and candles' area. So jazz club! Even if the candles were fake flickering LED's in misty glasses.

    Anyway, "What about the show, moron?!" I hear you think. So, about the show. We were warmed up with a rather amusing video to Burger Song which showed Lorraine driving a 'Meaty Treats' van over various animals, while the screen was literally licked with enourmous tongues during the 'Tongues, tongues, tongues and testicles la la la' section. We'd be a bit more fickle if we knew what we were eating with our Dill Pickle!